Amato & Partners


Non-Deal Road Shows

Amato and Partners arranges for client senior management to meet with members of the financial community utilizing one-on-one and group presentations. We coordinate non-deal road shows and sponsored non-deal road shows. Amato and Partners briefs senior management on frequently asked questions about the company, and provides periodic feedback to continuously improve their presentations to the investment community.

Direct and Ongoing Contact

We contact financial analysts, portfolio managers and retail brokers at both broker/dealers and institutions to provide pertinent information about the client and to encourage interest in following the client’s progress. We utilize in-person, telephone and written communications with major retail players to develop interest and highlight client activities. Teleconferences are arranged for client management when releasing quarterly earnings data.

Client-Specific Database

Amato and Partners has built and maintains a client-specific industry database of institutions, professional investors and brokerage houses in the financial community. We draw on this resource to optimize our clients’ IR visibility.

Essential Materials

Amato and Partners creates materials to quickly and effectively communicate the client’s value proposition and corporate narrative. Materials include corporate profiles, fact sheets and financial publicity pieces.  We utilize and adapt our clients’ published materials for use among potential investors.

Internet-Based Information

Amato and Partners works with our clients to establish and maintain a live web page to present published investor information, we also utilize social media platforms to enhance our client company’s visibility.

Financial Media/Business Publicity

Favorable news coverage is a powerful tool in building and maintaining investor interest in a company, and Amato and Partners tailors our activities to each client’s specific requirements. We leverage our strong relationships with the financial news media to execute effective media relations campaigns for our clients.