Amato & Partners


Amato and Partners develops full-scale or modified investor relations plans – we assist our clients to help them realize their financial goals and establish visibility within the financial community. We provide ongoing strategic advisory services on navigating the capital markets and offer guidance on all aspects of market activity as it relates to the company’s short and long-term positioning to the investment community.

Our years of collective financial experience render us uniquely suited to advise our clients on the selection of an underwriter for a capital raise, orchestrating the timing of a secondary capital raise, or supporting and facilitating a company’s up-listing.

Our knowledge and expertise are invaluable assets to our clients, and are essential resources that distinguish our investor relations services. Amato and Partners creates and implements customized investor relations programs to foster dynamic dialogue among all stakeholders. We recognize that every company is different, and tailor our IR solutions to our clients constantly evolving needs and specific objectives goals, working toward the ultimate goal of achieving fair shareholder value in the capital marketplace.

Tailored IR Solutions

We take the time to fully analyze and assess each of our clients’ companies, relative to their market position, corporate structure, culture, and mission statement. By aligning ourselves with our clients’ mission, we are able to strengthen their position and raise their visibility in a manner that fits their philosophy.

Best Practices in IR

Amato and Partners incorporates industry best practices into all of our work. We leverage our experience to our clients’ advantage, ensuring that all elements of our strategic IR programs are implemented with the highest level of detail and yield the best results.

Executive Counsel

Years of experience, coupled with close relationships with our clients render Amato and Partners a trusted source of strategic advice at the executive level. We provide our clients with counsel on corporate concerns including M&A activity, share repurchases and splits, reverse mergers, financing, and insider selling and dividend programs.

Transaction Support

Amato and Partners offers our clients ongoing support, guidance and direction relative to their strategic transactions. Our in-depth analyses of each unique scenario and deep understanding of their entire organization results in detailed, customized, and goal-oriented transaction support plans to ensure successful execution.


Amato and Partners has years of experience on all sides of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and leverages our collective knowledge to ensure our clients’ readiness to operate as publicly traded companies. We work as strategic partners with our clients through all phases of the IPO process, including valuation and market/investor positioning. We also design our clients’ road show presentations and develop and cultivate their IR infrastructure and web presence.

Follow-On Equity

Amato and Partners can advise our clients on targeting the best possible timing for capital raises, and ensures that they employ the best available underwriter for a given raise. Our clients’ messaging is always key to their success, but is particularly important during capital raise periods. We provide our clients with the comfort that their communications hit all the right notes, and that they have set accurate and appropriate expectations for their company’s future prospects. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnership with our firm assures our clients that all sides of a given M&A scenario receive detailed and targeted information to effectively communicate the benefits of the deal for to institutions, analysts and all stakeholders.