Amato & Partners


Amato and Partners advises private companies on strategies to enter the public markets.  We will help identify and select underwriters appropriate for the company based on its size and industry.  Amato will prepare and organize a roadshow to support this selection.  Utilizing our years of experience, we also advise the company on alternate routes to the public markets, including reverse mergers and self-registrations.  We have guided many clients through the reverse merger process and subsequent up-listing to a senior exchange.

Investor Presentation

We review and advise management on adapting their corporate presentation for an audience of potential investors.

Sell-Side Analysts

Establishing relationships with sell-side analysts prior to an IPO and keeping them updated on the company progress.  The analysts can provide insight as industry experts, and help frame the company in context to its competitors.

Underwriter Selection

Choosing an appropriate underwriter for a company is paramount to a successful IPO.  We facilitate introductions to multiple investment banks who are candidates to work with a company during the IPO process.  Finding the right bankers who share the vision of management and have the bandwidth to focus on a transaction is critical.  Experience and transaction history in a company’s sector are other factors we provide counsel on.


In order to expand distribution, choosing an additional co-manager or including bookrunners is an important consideration.  Evaluating the capabilities of these firms is similar to choosing an underwriter.  The capabilities of analysts and strength of sales teams are additional areas we advise on.

Management Team and Board

Integral to a successful going public transaction is the makeup of the management team and board of directors.  We advise clients on areas to strengthen the management team and board prior to an IPO.

Reverse Merger Transactions

As an alternate route to an IPO, a reverse merger offers a relatively quick and less expensive alternative to accessing the public markets.  This type of transaction is particularly appropriate for private companies with existing institutional backing.  A follow on offering would then act like an IPO to expand the investor base and increase the liquidity of the stock.

The above suite of services provides a client a comprehensive pre-IR program guiding them through the IPO process.