Amato & Partners


Amato and Partners develops sophisticated and tailored investor relations programs utilizing industry best practices to enable clients to realize fair shareholder value in the financial marketplace.  All elements of our strategic IR programs are implemented with the highest level of detail to yield the best results. We counsel large, middle market, and emerging growth corporations.


Strategic Advice

Amato takes the time to analyze and assess the market position, corporate structure, financial position and culture of each client.  We tailor our IR solutions to clients’ evolving needs and objectives.  We also provide ongoing strategic advisory services on navigating capital markets. Amato offers guidance on all aspects of the capital marketplace as it relates to the company’s short and long-term positioning in the investment community.

Essential Materials 

Amato creates materials to quickly and effectively communicate the client’s value proposition and corporate narrative.  Materials include corporate profiles, fact sheets, and financial publicity pieces.  We utilize and adapt our clients’ published materials for use among potential investors, including potential investors in diverse geographic regions.

Client-Specific Database

Amato builds and maintains a client-specific industry database of institutions, professional investors and brokerage houses in the financial community.

Non-Deal Road Shows 

Non-deal and sponsored non-deal roadshows are coordinated for clients to create and maintain visibility.  We brief senior management on frequently asked questions about the company and provide periodic feedback to continuously improve their presentations to the investment community.

Direct and Ongoing Contact

In-person, telephone and written communications with investors are utilized to develop interest and highlight client activities.  Teleconferences are arranged for management when releasing quarterly earnings data.  We contact financial analysts, portfolio managers, and retail brokers at both broker-dealers and institutions to provide pertinent information about the client and to encourage interest in following the client’s progress.

Industry Conferences

We have access to all relevant investor conferences and work diligently to secure invitations for clients, when appropriate.

Research Coverage

We create interest with sell-side analysts to initiate research coverage on clients.  For public issuers, sell-side research coverage is highly valuable for attracting investors who might not otherwise have a company on their radar screen.

Internet-Based Information

We work with clients to utilize social media platforms to enhance their visibility.

Press Releases

We format, edit and disseminate press releases to the investment community.

Financial Media/Business Publicity

We leverage our relationships with the financial news media to execute targeted media relations opportunities  for clients.