Amato & Partners


Amato and Partners provides innovative, objective and timely advice on all aspects of raising equity capital, investor targeting, underwriter selection, listing venue selection, syndicate structuring, and investor education.  Our in-depth analysis of each unique scenario and deep understanding of the client’s entire organization results in detailed, customized, and goal-oriented transaction support to ensure successful execution.

We also provide on-going support and guidance once a transaction is completed.

Corporate Finance Advisory

We advise clients on a broad range of strategic and tactical issues, including capital structure optimization, market positioning, and communications strategies.  We also offer clients counsel on corporate concerns including M&A activity, share repurchases/splits, reverse mergers, insider selling, and dividend programs.

 Initial Public Offering and Equity Capital Market Advisory

Amato provides innovative, objective and timely advice on all aspects of raising equity capital, up-listing, initiating a listing, selecting underwriters, targeting investors, listing venue selection, and syndication structuring.  We have years of experience on all sides of the IPO process and leverage our collective knowledge to ensure our clients’ readiness to operate as publicly traded companies. We work as strategic partners with clients through all phases of the IPO process, including valuation and market/investor positioning.

Follow-On Equity

Our clients are advised on the best possible timing and an appropriate underwriter for a given capital raise.  We also ensure the client’s communications hit all the right notes, and that the target audience  has accurate and appropriate expectations.  Strategic messaging is particularly important during capital raise periods.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnership with our firm assures our clients that all sides of a given M&A scenario receive detailed and targeted information to effectively communicate the benefits of the deal for institutions, analysts and all stakeholders.


Amato and Partners advises entrepreneurs of closely held businesses on a wide range of issues including understanding the capital markets, preparing for a transaction, providing liquidity for shareholders, evaluating acquisitions, and raising debt and equity capital – whether the need is immediate or down the road.

When advising private companies on strategies to enter the public markets, we identify and select underwriters appropriate for the company based on the size of the raise and the industry.

Our years of investor relations best practice experience help to ensure our client’s successful transition as a listed company.

We also advise the company on alternate routes to the public markets, including reverse mergers and self-registrations.

Investor Presentation

We advise management on how to create the most impactful corporate presentation for potential investors.

Sell-Side Analysts

Establishing relationships with sell-side analysts prior to an IPO or series capital raise can provide industry insights and help frame the company in context to its competitors.  Introducing them early in the process and keeping them updated on a company’s progress is important to the success of an IPO or capital raise.

Underwriter Selection

Choosing an appropriate underwriter for a company is of paramount importance to a successful optimal raise.  We facilitate introductions to multiple investment banks who are candidates to work with a company during the process.  Finding the right bankers who share management’s vision, have experience and transaction history in a company’s sector, and the bandwidth to focus on a transaction is critical.


In order to expand distribution, we advise clients on the selection of additional co-managers or including bookrunners.  We also offer insight into the capabilities of analysts and the strength of sales teams.

Management Team and Board

Integral to a successful going public transaction is the makeup of the management team and board of directors.  With that in mind, we advise clients on ways to strengthen their management team and board prior to an IPO.

Reverse Merger Transactions

As an alternate route to an IPO, a reverse merger offers a relatively quick and less expensive alternative to accessing the public markets.  This type of transaction done properly is particularly appropriate for private companies with existing institutional backing.  Amato provides advice to clients executing these transactions.